What are the reasons for /
causes of delays?

Human Error

a. Typographical error (london, manila end)

b. Incomplete Information (Ineffeciency of getting information from the client)

c. Wrong transaction (error on dragging information to the transaction form), due to rushing, lack of concentration.

d. Ineffeciency of keeping for approval/shedule transaction (e.g. forgot to send on a shedule date)

e. Unupdated Database causing problems (e.g. invalid/close account/name differ)

f. Error on Client side/bank teller (e.g. amount discrepancy given versus on the actual deposit) or deposited in a wrong acct.

g. Incorrect information given by client (e.g. wrong series of account number.

System Error (Hardware/Software Problem)

h. Computer related problems e.g. system upgrade, computer crash, corrupted/deleted files

i. Computer System malfunction due to some viruses or unstable power supply

j. Computer Blackout/shutdown

Technical Problem

k. Bank offline (branch, head office, nationwide)

l. Transport problem (uploading/downloading transaction)

m. Disk problem on manila end

Anti money Laundering Law Uncompliant

n. Hold transaction, asking for Anti Money Laundering Requirements

Unavoidable Circumstances (Beyond Control)

o. Natural calamity (Typhoon, storm, heavy rain, flash flood, eartquake etc.)

p. Nationawide Blackout

q. Political Chaos (Government is in a state of emergency)